A Cowboy's Life: Giddy Up Cowboy

Giddy Up Cowboy

11:19:00 AM

We went to the Fort Worth Stock Show this past week, and man did we have fun! Carson is all about cowboys, dirt and animals (if you haven't noticed yet) so this completely made his week. We went while students were still in school and no large crowds to deal with, which was perfect for a certain impatient little boy. Because of this we had the petting zoo all to ourselves and Carson got to ride two ponies since there wasn't a line of kids!

I knew it was going to be a perfect day when Carson sweet talked the first lady he saw into letting him roll around the hay, lay next to, pet and feed her cows. We also saw the start of a few chickens hatch, pig feedings and sit on EVERY single tractor we came across.

But after all of that, you know what his most memorable part was? Chad and I left him to eat lunch with Mimi & Papa so we could check out all the vendors. It so happens that under their watch while eating his BBQ sandwich, he falls out of his chair and bumps his head. We get back to the table and the first thing he says is that Papa pushed him out of the chair! Ha, I guess you can never trust grandpas:)

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