A Cowboy's Life: She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy

She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy

2:04:00 PM

The last few days have felt like early Spring and it has been wonderful. We were able to spend most of Saturday enjoying the fresh air while watching the little man dig up dirt with his tools and trucks. It's funny how everyone says that children grow up fast, but man I didn't think it was going to go by THAT fast! It seems like only yesterday we were out taking pictures of Carson with his tractor - not a year ago.

Look at this boy with his chubby cheeks, elbow dimples and leg rolls. How did he get to be 2 already?

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  1. What a precious little guy you have there!! love the tractor too! hopping over thru katherine's corner party

  2. That is SOOOO adorable! Great pictures ;)

  3. My cousin had the She Thinks my tractor is sexy song as her ring tone on her cell phone. She was a freshman at a Christian college and was in Chapel when her cell phone rang and she couldn't find it in her purse! When I saw your caption that's what I thought of. Your son is adorable. Both my grandfathers and my father were farmers and now my sons. We have a blueberry farm in Ky (bellviewblueberries.com). Blessings to you and your sweet boy! Teresa from NanaHood.com

    1. That is hilarious! That is my kind of farm:)

  4. You've got some amazing gorgeous awesome wonderful pictures here!! The second to last one should be huge and on the wall to see every single day. :)

  5. What gorgeous photos. They really do grow up so quickly.

  6. OMG... She is so adorable, these are some excellent shots.

  7. I realized how big he had grown after seeing these photos. Dropping by from http://pixiedusk.livejournal.com/337309.html

  8. Awwwww! Savour every moment! My girls are 14 and 10 now, and it goes soooo fast!


  9. Stopping by from Mother 2 Mother. I love the photos of him on the tractor. Adorable.


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