A Cowboy's Life: Shiver Me Timbers and Printable

Shiver Me Timbers and Printable

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Playing pretend is serious business in our house. Chad has a very vivid imagination and has seemed to pass that onto Carson, which is fantastic. Carson will come into the office while Chad is working and say, "daddy come play pretend!" How can he refuse such a request?

Lately Carson has been into Jake and the Neverland Pirates. So instead of letting him watch tv, we dress him up and act it out! Which is more fun anyways. This area is where we really spoil him and go all out - but not by purchasing anything.

One night Chad created a pirate sword out of a cardboard box and tape then designed a treasure map in Photoshop. With a few things around the house like some coins, little box and old t-shirt we cut and added twine to, he now looked the part.

I think my husband had more fun creating and playing than Carson. But it could be because it's the only time he is allowed to yell "Yo Ho!"

Feel free to download the treasure map for your kiddo. I know they will enjoy it as much as mine does!

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  1. So cute! My oldest is starting to really get into dress-up pretend lately too. She's been "flying" around the house as a magical fairy the last couple days. :)


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