A Cowboy's Life: What's on our bookshelf

What's on our bookshelf

6:55:00 AM

One of the many things I love about my little guy is that he LOVES books. I have never seen a little boy who will read book after book after book. At bedtime we have to limit the number we read because he keeps requesting more! Not that I'm complaining, but sometimes mommy needs to go to bed. I hope this will be something he will always continue to love and do as he gets older.

Here are the top 5 books that we have been reading lately.

Away in my airplane
David Goes to School
Chick Chicka Boom Boom
Tip Tip Dig Dig
Red Truck

What books are your little ones into? Any books that I should add to our library?

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  1. What a CUTE little cowboy you have! It's so fun to "meet" you via the mom lovin hop. I'm a mama of two little boys and my husband is a dairy nutritionist--in other words, we love cows and cowboys too!

    1. Awe thanks! and yes it's nice to meet you too:)

  2. Im pretty sure I just swooned over that little aviator hat!! Where did you get it? If I have a boy next he must have one!! :) My little girl loves books too! Thanks for linking up to the Mom-Lovin Hop today! Also would love to have you cohost! Will get back to your email asap as soon as I figure out our openings :)

    1. It's from Restoration Hardware. Great, can't wait:)

    2. Cute photo! My son has only recently liked listening to books! He loves peek a who? And Jungle Gym And any book with things to touch! Thank for liking up with the weekend block party!

  3. What a darling little cowboy. Thanks for sharing your little guys topic pics on the hop!

  4. That's a great list! Thank you for linking up with Cozy Reading Spot, I'm featuring this post on tomorrow's link up!



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