A Cowboy's Life: You bought them at Walmart

You bought them at Walmart

10:39:00 AM

From the day Carson was born I started a daily memory book of the ongoings of each day. The first couple of months were simple lines about how well he slept (or didn't), visitors who came to ooh and ahh over him or if he pooped or not. Speaking of poop, I'm so glad that staged has passed! Why is that such a big concern for new mothers?

Anyways, my journal now consists of all the funny things he says. Or in this particular case how he offended me. This was the conversation as I was putting him to bed the other night:

C: Where did you get your boobs mommy?
M: I was born with them because I'm a girl.
C: No! Where did get them?
M: The Lord gave them to me.
C: No, you bought them at Walmart

Um, ok! Are they really that bad and couldn't I at least have Target boobs? Where does the kids get this stuff?

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