A Cowboy's Life: Hammer Away

Hammer Away

4:33:00 PM

This is one of my go to activities for Carson to do while I'm cooking dinner. All you need is a piece of styrofoam, golf tees and a hammer and you are set to go. What boy isn't going to have fun when tools and loud noises are involved? Just be careful of flying tees if your kid can take them out using the claw part of the hammer!

What activities do you use to keep your kids busy?

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  1. I love this idea. Genius. I am going to pin this on my group board & try it for my girl.

  2. ha, simple and fun idea! Reminds me of those boards that have all the locks on them for kids to lock and unlock.

  3. Perfect! This is much better than what my mom did when my brother was little. We had a caterpillar infestation. Literally, you could not take a step outside without stepping on the creepy crawlies. My mom gave my little brother a plastic hammer and sent him outside every day to "smash the fuzzies".

    1. Too funny. My little guy would love that though:)

  4. This is great. I even think it would tame my school age children!


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