A Cowboy's Life: We Love the Olympics

We Love the Olympics

9:12:00 AM

My husband and I both love the Olympics. The excitement and inspirational stories about the athletes are so heart warming that you just can't help but cheer them on and follow their journey as medal hopefuls.

As children we dreamed of being Olympic athletes and would pretend to do whatever sport was being showcased on television that day. Chad especially loved the summer games and would dress up as a gymnast (dressed in short shorts and a sweat band!) He would do flips around the house and use the couches as parallel bars. How I wish I could have seen him as I child. But I digress... So when Carson acted like he was a speed skater the other day, we were so excited to see him enjoying the winter games as much as we do and knew we had to do something special for this boy.   

Chad instantly came up with several poster designs that depicts Carson as a skier. These might be my favorite design of him yet!

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  1. I have been trying to convince my little man to watch the Olympics, but he refused. :( I love the pics of your man going for gold! :D

  2. What adorable pictures! I love watching Winter Olympics, wish my son would too.

  3. Ha ha! These are so cute! Thanks for linking up with Take it on Tuesday!

  4. Love this - so very cute!! Thanks for linking up!!
    ~ Betsy @ Romance on a dime


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