A Cowboy's Life: Favorite Toddler Apps

Favorite Toddler Apps

8:25:00 AM

We all need a go to activity to occupy our toddler at times, right? Lately I have been using the iPad or phone for Carson to play with while I'm making dinner. He just sits in the middle of the kitchen (somewhat quietly) and plays while I'm getting everything ready. Ha, how did moms ever survive without technology?

Here are a few of our favorite apps lately:

Preschool Edukitchen - This game puts a fun and educational twist on doing chores in the kitchen. You can drop items in the recycle pin, add vegetables to soup, toast bread slices and set the table.

TinyHands Sorting 3 -  Sorting shapes and sizes, colors and animals. It's a little more challenging with sorting classification environments.

TinyHands What's My Pair - Match different objects such as balloons, clothes, animals, fruits and facial expressions. Carson especially likes the facial expressions one - he is always concerned at why one of the little boys is crying.

Kids Trucks: Puzzles - Your little one that likes trucks will love putting together these interactive puzzles.

Arcade Bowling - Not educational, but Carson loves this game! This is a great classic game that can be played at any age.

*All of these apps are free, with an option to purchase the full version.

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  1. There are times I wish technology like this was available when I was raising my boys.

  2. Awesome! This is great! Thanks for sharing on the #homeschoollinkup! Pinning to my apps board!


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