A Cowboy's Life: Fact: Toddlers Are Crazy

Fact: Toddlers Are Crazy

9:33:00 AM

For some reason we thought it would be a great idea to buy our son a set of golf clubs. Once we got home and opened the bag we realized the head of the clubs are plastic, but the shaft is metal. (Why on earth would anyone make metal golf clubs for children under 5?) So because I don't want to look like Tiger Woods after a beat down from his wife, I had to lay down one very important rule.

Me: Carson you are not allowed to play golf near mommy
C: Why?
Me: Because you are a maniac.

This of course did not go over well with him. For the rest of evening he ran through the house swinging the clubs and looking for his whacking balls while shouting "I'm a MANIAC, I'm a MANIAC!"

This my friends is near death experience number 27. Let's hope we make it to the teenage years!

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  1. This is too funny! Sounds like I have a lot to look forward with my boy! :)

    1. Boys are so crazy! But oh so fun...and a little scary at times:)

  2. So funny! and I agree they are crazy!


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