A Cowboy's Life: Good Friday and Horseback Riding

Good Friday and Horseback Riding

9:39:00 AM

On Good Friday we went to the Fort Worth Stockyards so Carson could ride horses then downtown for dinner. Since this is his most favorite thing to do, we like to use it for bribery and say things like you better take a long nap or if you don't eat those veggies then no horses today...Works like a charm. If only I could use this tactic everyday.

I think every downtown should have a fountain kids can play in! We let Carson run off some energy before sitting out on the patio for dinner. It's genius I say:)

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  1. That looks like such a fun Friday! I wish my downtown had a fountain like that. I think Charleston, SC is the only other place that I've been to that had one.

  2. Awwww I love the fountains in your downtown area! I can imagine that when it gets hot out, many people frolic to the fountains!


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