A Cowboy's Life: CARNIVAL - Small Town Texas Style

CARNIVAL - Small Town Texas Style

9:03:00 AM

We spent last Friday evening hanging out at a local carnival. Can I just say what a weird culture that scene is? Carson had a blast, eating cotton candy and riding rides, but all I could think about was that I hope these people put the rides together properly!

Of course all was fine and Carson has been begging to go back since. He was a little upset to find out that it was no longer in town. And even sadder to find out he couldn't go buy anymore cotton candy!

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  1. He looks like a tiny little James Dean--so cute!

    1. I know! These might be my new favorite pictures of him:)

  2. I am laughing about how true it is on the weird culture of carnivals. Love the photo collage of Carson and the fun family day.

  3. These are all great pictures! Looks like y'all had a great time.

  4. Looks like it was a whole lot of fun! Cute pics.

  5. Carnival culture is so strange! I have a (I think) healthy fear of carnival rides! Ha! nothing past the kid rides!

  6. I don't like fair or carnival rides for that very reason - I can't help but wonder if the workers put them together correctly! ha ha!


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