A Cowboy's Life: Funny Parenting Phrases

Funny Parenting Phrases

9:11:00 AM

things parents say

I knew things would change once I had a child. Like getting less sleep, never being alone and learning the theme songs to all of the annoying Disney cartoons. But no one ever told me that I will be adding weird phrases into my vocabulary.

Here are a few phrases that I never thought I would say:
  • Please don't lick me.
  • Don't eat the food you find in the recliner.
  • Oh, just go pee outside.
  • Would you like me to read you a book while you are going potty?
  • We don't motor boat mommy in public.
  • It's ok, just throw up in my hands. 
  • Walmart is closed - stores don't stay open 24 hours.
What are some crazy things you've said to your kids?

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  1. Hahaha, the motor boat one got me!

  2. Stop taking the fish out of the tank and looking at them! I think MakinMyAptaHome featured you today from last week.

    1. Ha, that's why we don't have any animals!

  3. I have definitely said a few of these things! I pinned this to the Thoughtful Thursdays Pinterest board and featured it this week on Creative K Kid's Thoughtful Thursdays.

  4. Actually I added a word to my vocabulary from my son. Frequently instead of saying "today" he would say "this day". He stopped using this term, I didn't.


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