A Cowboy's Life: Throwback - The College Years

Throwback - The College Years

9:41:00 AM

How is it possible that I have been out of college for 10 years already?! It doesn't seem that long ago that my days consisted of going to class, taking naps and hanging out with my friends...and studying somewhere in between.

I enjoyed those carefree years with no real concerns or worries...well unless you count regretting taking an 8 am class, no more space on your floppy disk or deciding on what to wear to a party.  That said, I would never want to go back to living as a poor 20 year old student.

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  1. I love your pictures and thanks for linking up! My college regret is that I didn't finish before I had kids! Now here I am in my 30s trying to go to college..not as fun as it once was, ha

  2. Love your pictures! I have to agree with Cat. I wish I had continued with college before I got married and settled down. Oh to be 20 years old again. :)

  3. Hi - stopping by via the link up - ten years from college is crazy isn't it? 11 for me (but who's counting?!) and I just came across a whole slew of photos - actual printed pictures ha - of those days. Isn't it fun to look back and remember all of the moments behind each one? :)

    1. It is crazy! Yes, I actually had to scan these photos - it's so fun looking back.


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