A Cowboy's Life: Toddlers and Chores: When, What, and How

Toddlers and Chores: When, What, and How

8:54:00 AM

I'm over at Fort Worth Moms Blog sharing some tips on how to get toddlers to help around the house. Toddlers just love to help mommy with chores around the house. So as soon as our son was able to walk, we gave him his first daily chore: put his clothes in the dirty clothes hamper. We wanted to teach him responsibility, as well as helping is just part of living in our house. Everybody must help.

Head over to Fort Worth Moms Blog to read the rest of the post!

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  1. Great post, I read it over there, but wanted to comment here :) Hope that is ok?! I think it is great that you are instilling this in your son. It really is important. I am still working on my son, he likes to help but only on his terms,UGH. My daughter on the other hand loves to clean most of the time.

  2. Same as Cat, I read over there but wanted to comment here. I've been thinking about using the routine/sticker system. We too have started the kids young by helping out with putting dirty clothes in the hamper. :) For the most part, our kids are eager to help, and I think that starting young keeps that eagerness there. I pinned that post to share with other mommies as well.



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