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Toddler Communication

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toddler communication

According to most baby books, it states that 2 year olds can say between 100-200 words. So we were a little surprised that by the time our son was 18 months old, he already had a 300 word vocabulary and could talk in complete sentences. And not just random sentences – I’m talking full blown conversations and stories.

Every child is different, but here are few things we did that I think have helped our son become a little chatterbox:

Books, book and more books – We started reading to Carson almost as soon as we brought him home from the hospital. He would watch our lips as we read and get so excited hearing the stories. And as soon as he started having his own interest, we would stock up on those books so he could still be engaged in the stories.

No baby talk – We never did baby talk or let our son talk like that. We would reinforce him to use his words and we would talk in normal sentences.

Ask questions –When they are frustrated it's easier for them to lash out than to try to say what they are feeling. We say, "use your words" and patiently wait and let them find the words they need to say. Sometime you have to ask are you sad, hungry, hurt, tired. etc. Then ask why or how come?

Get on the ground – When playing, we get down on the floor so we are on his level. Doing this helps get rid of other distractions and forces you to look them in the eyes.

How do you get your little one talking and communicating their emotions?

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  1. I really like the ideas to get on their level and stop the baby talk. Great post. Simple and to the point!

  2. Couldn't agree more with the importance of books and no baby talk. Great list.

  3. Whoa!! I can't believe he talked SO much at 18 months! Mia is a little bookworm but probably doesn't even know how to say 100 words... she just communicates so well without using her words, ha! It's amazing how every kid is SO different!

    1. Yes, he has been a chatterbox starting very early. As much as we love it, we often wonder what it would be like having a child who doesn't talk ALL THE TIME!

  4. Great tips! I try to read to my 4 month old girls as often as I can, and they are already pretty talkative! I'm going to have my hands full! Thanks for sharing at the NEW #PinFest!


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