A Cowboy's Life: How To Keep Your Sanity When Dining Out With Kids

How To Keep Your Sanity When Dining Out With Kids

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tips on eating in restaurants with kids
Eating out with kids can be fun, but also a little challenging at times. You have to consider which restaurants have food they will eat, is the wait too long, is it too noisy, etc. Not to mention, you want to time it so that no meltdown will happen before you get your main course.

Here is how we handle eating out with our little maniac:
  • It needs to be a low key, low volume restaurant. We noticed early on, that the louder the restaurant vibe was, the louder Carson would get and vice versus.
  • Go a little before the rush starts. That way you don't have to wait for a table, then wait another hour just to get food. By the time you sit down, you have wasted all your tricks entertaining the little ones and their patience has run out. Not to mention they want that mac n cheese STAT!
  • We prefer places that have some kind of appetizer to keep kids busy before the meal. Our little guy loves spreading butter on bread and chips and queso. It keeps him entertained and he's not as concerned as to why his french fries have not arrived the moment he sits down.
  • Bring some kind of little toy or pen and paper. It's always nice to have some sort of distraction just in case. I personally am not a big fan of electronics at the table. Although I do allow the phone or iPad if we are eating with a large group and know the wait time will be extremely long.
What is your game plan when dining out at restaurants? Do you have a go-to place that is kid friendly?

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  1. Haha. We do the opposite - we go for the louder more energetic places so our noisy crew won't be a distraction to others (especially as babies we found that Mexican food restaurants were the best - tons to look at and when they were super little they just slept at louder restaurants). Our biggest rule is we only go out when the kids are in a good state of mind. If they are tired from a long day or just having an ornery afternoon we skip going out knowing it might end up being a miserable time for all anyway.

    1. Ha, Carson thinks if it's loud then he certainly needs to be the loudest:) He just feeds off the energy.

  2. We love Mexican food, and it totally works in our favor because Owen loves to eat all the chips -- always helps us survive the meal!

  3. Great tips. My daughter was a terror in restaurants as a toddler. We could not go out with her.


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