A Cowboy's Life: Keeping Kids Entertained While Traveling

Keeping Kids Entertained While Traveling

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traveling with toddlers

When traveling with a toddler, whether it's a long road trip or a plane ride across the country, we as parents have our work cut out for us. Gone are the days where we just pack the bags, throw them in the car and off we go. I now spend more time packing and organizing activities to keep my little guy entertained so we can make it to our destination without pulling my hair out.

Here are a few tips we use to try and make it as fun and peaceful as possible:

Sit in the back seat - Especially if you just have 1 child. It makes them feel like part of the group and gives you a little more time before the whining begins.

iPad - This will be your life saver. Load it up with new movies and games and you will have one happy toddler...for about 30 minutes.

Music Blaring - Have kids music readily available. Yes, it can be extremely annoying to hear the SAME song over and over again. But it's much better than a cranky child.

Snacks, snacks and more snacks - I'm not a big fan of eating in the car, but we make an exception on road trips. Candy is perfect for bribing.

Busy bag - Pack a bag of stickers, crayons, activity books, scissors, flashcards, books etc. Pack things that the kids like, but don't necessarily get to play with on a daily basis.

What are your essentials for traveling with little kids?

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  1. Awesome tips - sitting in the back has especially helped my son! He is our only child right now and he does get lonely back there :)

    We have to fly to visit family this winter and I have been thinking of tricks to keep him entertained on the plane rides and waiting in the airport. My husband's smart phone has been great for watching youtube videos but an iPad would do the trick, too. At least for 30 minutes, like you said!

    I'm definitely going to try a "busy bag" for our trip!

    Amy @ http://livinglifetruth.blogspot.com/

  2. Great tips! Thank you for linking up over at Thoughtful Thursday!

  3. These are some great tips!

    Thanks for joining the Link Up this week!


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