A Cowboy's Life: The Best Beer Bread Recipe {EVER}

The Best Beer Bread Recipe {EVER}

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Shiner Beer Bread Recipe

This is my most favorite, easiest bread to make. It goes perfect with a big bowl of soup or just as a yummy snack.

Ingredients needed:
12 oz bottle of Shiner Beer (I'm sure any beer will work, but I always use Shiner)
3 cups flour
3 tbsp sugar
1/2 cup melted butter

In a large bowl, mix the sugar and flour together. Add beer and mix with fork. Pour into greased loaf pan and bake at 350 for 45-60 minutes. About 20 minutes into cooking, pour melted butter over top of bread.

*This bread works best when beer is at warm temperature. I always open the bottle and let sit about 30 minutes before mixing.

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  1. YUM! If I could eat gluten, I'd be all about this recipe. Bread and beer used to be two of my favorite things EVER, so the two of them combined in one recipe sounds like delicious perfection :)

  2. I am with Courtney! One of my favorite things is beer bread, but now that I'm GF I can't have either. I wonder how it would do with GF flour and GF beer (yes there is such a thing haha!). Anywho, I found you through the H54F link up and I would love it if you stopped by mine some time. Have a great weekend!!!

  3. Who doesn't love beer bread?! YUM!

    Thanks for joining the Link Up this week!

  4. Looks soft and delicious! Thanks for sharing this recipe at CAL link paty. It's featured this week :)


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