A Cowboy's Life: Learning To Be A Cowboy

Learning To Be A Cowboy

9:49:00 AM

This past Saturday was Carson's first horse riding lessons and he loved it. As soon as he woke up he said lets get in the car and go ride! Of course I had to remind him that cowboys wore more than underwear to ride horses.

His lessons are 30 minutes with the first 10 minutes devoted to horse care and safety. Last week they went over how to brush the horse and to walk behind him. They practiced that one several times, which made me a little nervous. Then it was on to the fun stuff - riding in the arena. Afterwards he just HAD to sit on this old tractor and see if he could get it working.

I look forward to watching him progress and seeing his eyes light up every time he is around these animals. It just makes me smile!

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  1. He is precious!! Future little cowboy, i love it!

  2. Oh my gosh that is so much fun! I am glad he had such a wonderful time. The photos are gorgeous!

  3. New to your blog and loving this adventure!

  4. Ohh i love his expressions while on the horse.
    Hope you had a great weekend, your new follower, came over from Leslie's


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