A Cowboy's Life: Let's Talk Poop

Let's Talk Poop

10:20:00 AM

bathroom humor

What is it with boys and potty humor? Carson has been going pee in the potty for a year, but two weeks ago we threw out all his diapers so he had no other choice but to do his business in the potty. I guess that's all he needed us to do, because we haven't had any issues since then.

So out with the diapers and in with the poop jokes! I think it is in their DNA to laugh at any and all potty jokes. It's some sort of rite of passage for every kid so I might as well embrace it.

Since I have to endure this talk, I thought I would share what I've been listening to lately:

     "Mom, you want to eat pee and poop for breakfast?"
     "Ha, I'm going to toot in your face!"
     "Look mom, I made a volcano."

Why do boys find this so incredibly funny? Did your kids ever grow out of this stage?

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  1. My son loves to yell while he is pooping. It can be a little disconcerting to our guests though ha ha! We, frequently, have to remind him to quiet down.

  2. Hahaha! The volcano one is cracking me up! LOL

  3. I have three boys and my five year old has learned not to talk like that. They get time outs if they say "poop." But if you find it funny then I guess it is okay. Have a terrific night!

  4. My husband and I still make jokes about toots...

  5. Never heard the volcano one! I think it is a boy thing because my son frequently had "potty" talk around preschool age but he hasn't talked like that in so long (maybe since he was 5) so they do eventually grow out of it!


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