A Cowboy's Life: Oh Hey, FRIDAY l Random Thoughts

Oh Hey, FRIDAY l Random Thoughts

7:00:00 AM

This week has been full of ups and downs. One minute our house is calm and relaxed, then the next we are dealing with a whiny, sick little boy. So glad the weekend is finally here!

1. Going through cookbooks. I'm hoping cooler weather is around the corner because I have several new soup and stew recipes that I want to try out. Some of them I plan to cook over our firepit. So excited to try something new!

2. Listening to Garth Brooks. I am not so patiently waiting for him to announce when he will be making his way to Texas. Anyone else super excited for his tour?!

3. Getting sucked into Revenge on Netflix. I just randomly came across this show and now I'm hooked. I have two more episodes left...not sure what I will do when I watch them all. Any suggestions?

4. After cleaning out Carson's room, toys and closet I have come to the conclusion that he has WAY too much stuff. How does a such a tiny person accumulate so much - none of it he even needs!

5. The last few evenings I've been going crazy sewing monogrammed shirts for my nieces. Ok, and one for myself! Just can't get enough of this look.  

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  1. I love revenge! the new season should be starting soon (I assume)!

    trish - my confessions

  2. Love monogrammed everything! Do you have an Etsy shop?

  3. Just stopping over from the link-up! Soup over a fire pit sounds amazing. I wish I had one!

    1. It does...now I just have to learn how to do it and make sure it doesn't burn:)

  4. stopping by from the 'currently' linkup. I recently just cleaned my boys' toy chests and buckets...I have no idea why they had so much...eep!


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