A Cowboy's Life: Body After Baby [Link Up]

Body After Baby [Link Up]

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This is a hard one for me. I lost my baby weight within 2 weeks of giving birth to my son. Wow, never thought I would be one of "those" people. But something happened around the time he turned one and the pounds just started creeping up on me. And it seemed that no matter how many grueling workouts I did or healthy meals I cooked, the weight just would not come off!

I don't know what the issue is! I've struggled with being sad and frustrated, to just dealing with it. I refuse to give up, but at the same time trying to not let it consume me. Learning to love (or even like) my post-pregnancy body can be trying at times, but I just have to remember that it was totally worth it! I'm not giving up and will continue to keep working at it. At some point, there just has to be a break through...maybe when he sleeps through the night, I will get get a good rest and the problem will be solved. A girl can dream right?

Do you love your post-pregnancy body or is it something you are still trying to cope with?

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  1. I struggle with my body everyday also. I lost all my weight after dieting but now its just creeping back on like yours did. IT SUCKS!! Keep working mom! You look great! :)

  2. Still struggling with my muffin top, but it helps having a little girl and hubby who love me for who I am and not what I look like!

  3. I worked hard after baby and got my body back, and then I went back to work and the exercise regime is on the back burning, totally understand! Just keep at it, and it will eventually work.

    1. It is hard! But I refuse to give up - thanks for the encouragement:)

  4. Oh momma, you are beautiful!! But if you're gaining weight now, and don't understand why, it could be worth it to talk to a doctor! Your hormone levels could be off, or thyroid, or something else inside your body?


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