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Busy Activities for Toddlers

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We all have times during the day when we absolutely have to keep our little toddlers busy for awhile. Whether it's to get dressed in the morning, cook dinner or just take a breather. That said it's important to have a few go-to activities that are guaranteed to keep them occupied for 10-20 minutes. Here are my favorite busy activities for my little guy:

Kinetic Sand - This stuff is mesmerizing! I dump the sand in a pan, surround my little guy with little construction trucks and let him dig his little heart out. He will play with this anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour.

Balls - A bucket of different kind of balls is an endless source of entertainment. We actually let our son play ball in the house, so he get's all of his balls out and bounces, kicks or whacks them with his plastic golf clubs. This is great after lunch, tires him out and gets him ready for nap. (*We keep our living room kid friendly without breakables)

Books - My little guy LOVES his books. He loves for us to read them to him, but he has several construction books that he will look at all by himself. 

iPad Games - We have several apps on the iPad that focus on letter tracing, phonics, matching, etc. He seems to do better with this in the morning and isn't as interested in "school work" later in the day.

Play Farm - We bought him farm toys for Christmas last year and is the perfect busy activities. He sets it up in his room and pretends to be a farmer - also great because it's a quiet activity!

What are you favorite toddler busy bags or activities?  

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  1. I am going to have to look into the play farm thing!! Nick loves making animal noises so I am sure he would love that!

  2. My son needs a play area that isn't crammed into a corner. I want to have containers or areas for books, blocks, etc.

  3. Some great pointers for parents of toddlers here - just shows that you can keep them entertained without having to spend lots of money - sand is a favourite in our house (well outside - we have a very enthusiastic 4 year old!!) Thanks for linking up with the #frugalfamily linky this week!

  4. Play farm? That is an adorable idea!
    I MUST try that sand asap! Mia would love it!


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