A Cowboy's Life: Hello Weekend!

Hello Weekend!

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a cowboys life

Happy October y'all! Here's what is happening in my neck of the woods.

Thankful for...
Just life. Sure I'm frustrated that my child refuses to sleep through the night or has NOT wanted to leave the house lately. But man does that boy still bring so much joy to our lives. Thankful for my husband who works from home and is able to stay with Carson when he thinks the world would end if he left his house full of toys.

Thinking about...
Our upcoming Fall trip! I'm dreaming of sitting out on the porch overlooking the lake and watching my boys fish.

Parenthood. So sad this is the last season. If you don't watch this show, I highly recommend doing a Netflix binge and getting caught up. It's totally worth it!

What's currently going on with you?

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  1. I haven't seen Parenthood but have heard great things! My son goes through phases where he doesn't want to leave the house. It happens every now and then. I just leave him with my mom or husband. No biggie!
    Stopping by from Friday Favorites!

  2. My son went through a stage where he could not leave the house without his three blankets and two Mickey Mouse stuffed toys. It was such a hassle, and if we left without those things it was horrible. Good luck! They do grow out of that stage, thankfully :)

  3. Love me some parenthood also!! And yep, it really is a blessing to stay home with our kids!

  4. Visiting from the link up. What a cutie your son is! Love the cowboy hat!

  5. Fall trips are my favorite! I love just chilling out and taking in what autumn has to offer!

  6. Can't wait to see pictures of your lake trip!!! Sounds perfect! Thanks for linking up!

  7. Thanks so much for featuring our print! I saw it on the Five on Friday linkup and loved seeing it. :)


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