A Cowboy's Life: Toddler Bag Essentials l Link Up

Toddler Bag Essentials l Link Up

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Just because my son is no longer in diapers doesn't mean we can leave the house without a bag of essentials. We traded in the big, bulky diaper bag for a backpack that is the perfect size for my little guy to carry. We never leave the house without the following in his bag: 

  • Complete change of clothes - don't forget underwear and socks
  • Snacks - Goldfish, veggie straws, suckers and juice or bottled water
  • Wipes - Need to clean hands, mouth and spills
  • Toys - I always have a small truck or plane in his bag that can keep his little hands busy when needed
  • Pen and paper - Perfect entertainment for when the toys are no longer keeping your little one busy
What are your favorite toddler diaper bag essentials?  Check out the other mama's blogs for even more ideas!  And be sure to link up with us below if you also have a post on this.  
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  1. We travel light too! I still have one in diapers but I still carry much less now that he is almost two :)

  2. Love your list girl!! :) Paper and pens are always a keeper ;)

  3. I can't wait to travel with just a small backpack!

  4. Oh man, not looking forward to the potty training days when we will have to carry around multiple outfits and underwear in case of accidents!


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