A Cowboy's Life: Boys Fashion and Musical Debut

Boys Fashion and Musical Debut

8:24:00 AM

I used to dread having to sit through children's plays and musicals, and never understood what the whole fuss was about. But now, oh how the tide has turned. I am now THAT mom sitting front and center with my DSLR and snapping a dozen photos to commemorate Carson's first time singing in the church children's choir.

Carson had a blast and did so well. He was grooving and singing a joyful noise! That boy loves music and plays his guitar every chance he gets. Let me tell you, he did not get his love for music from me. He looked so handsome in his jacket - like a little English professor.

Jacket: Dillards // Shirt: Dillards // Jeans: Gap

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  1. Girl, be THAT mom and be proud of it! Hah! Super adorbs! I have pinned your post to the Pin Worthy Wednesday Pinterest Board. Thanks for linking up with me and my lovely co-hosts! See you next Wednesday!


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