A Cowboy's Life: Stop And Smell The {Fake} Flowers

Stop And Smell The {Fake} Flowers

9:06:00 AM

carson beene

YAY for Friday! Here's a quick recap of our week.

Smell the {fake} flowers. On Tuesday evening we decided to walk around Hobby Lobby and Carson just had to sniff the flowers. Mmmm, smells so pretty he says! What is not to love about Hobby Lobby? Smelling flowers, Christmas decorations and getting supplies for a craft...I think I could spend hours in that store.

Snow. It actually snowed on Sunday! November snow in Texas is a big deal. Of course I'm not taking four feet, but a light covering on the ground. It was a fun, unexpected treat...but 5 days later we are back to sunny and 60's.

Puppy Love. We just bought Carson an over sized stuffed pug puppy in hopes that they become best buds and he can go to sleep without us laying next to him. It takes C a VERY long time to fall asleep and by the time we get him down, it's already 10! Wish us luck...

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  1. Wow snow already? I live in GA and it was cold enough to snow but did not happen. This weather has been so strange lately! That is so cute that Carson smelled the flowers:) I'm stopping by from #H54F, I hope you have a great weekend:)


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