A Cowboy's Life: 5 Things Every Mom Should Know To Do

5 Things Every Mom Should Know To Do

11:29:00 PM

Parenting can be hectic, challenging and so much fun. We all know that once you have a child, your life changes a bit. Some for the good and some things just simply change.
  1. The ability to clean your entire house in under 15 minutes. I think this is a skill that is acquired the day you bring your baby home. Before I had Carson it took ALL day to clean our home, but now I can do it no time.
  2. Have one go-to recipe that you can whip up at any time that both kids and adults love.
  3. Fold and put away laundry while your toddler is "helping." Trust me, this is no easy feat.
  4. You can get your weekly grocery shopping done in under 30 minutes. All while entertaining, finding snacks to feed hungry child and avoiding any meltdowns.
  5. Remember your spouse. Children grow up and leave, but your husband stays. Don't forget to make time for your hubby - not just the kids.
Would you add anything to this list? 

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  1. I agree with #2. I know it is not your favorite, but I can whip up goulash or spaghetti in under 20 minutes.

    1. It's not, but it works perfect for your gang!

  2. :D What a hand-up! These are so true :) I would add -- being able to get dressed and made-up for the day in 1 minute increments :)

  3. This is a great list, although, #4, I can't do it in under 30. Under 60, I can totally do!

  4. Love this list! I'm really impressed with #1...I so can't do that.


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