A Cowboy's Life: I Encouraged My Son To Sit On A Stranger's Lap

I Encouraged My Son To Sit On A Stranger's Lap

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leonards museum

Why do we as parents teach our children about stranger danger and get onto them for getting close to people we don't know, but as soon as Christmas comes around that rule doesn't apply to the man in red? Suddenly we are singing a different tune and encouraging our kids to sit on a strange man's lap regardless that we do not know this guy, a thousand other snotty nose kids have spread their germs on his lap and he sort of looks like a homeless person. But hey, there are exceptions to every rule, right?!

Well that's exactly what we did. We went down to Leonard's Museum in Fort Worth and stepped back in time to see an old department store Santa. It was such a fun experience. Santa had a conversation with Carson and then casually asked if he would like to take a picture with him. He was smooth!
Leonards Fort Worth
After seeing the big guy, we walked around the museum with my in-laws as they told us stories of when they would come downtown to shop and how my father-in-law used to put bicycles together for them, over the Christmas holidays. A few fun facts about the department store:
  • Opened in December 1918
  • During the Great Depression they sold over 7,000 loafs of bread a day
  • When Roosevelt closed all banks the store cashed checks with "Leonard's Script" that other merchants accepted as payment
  • When they open the first escalator in the city, more than 40,000 came on that Saturday to take a ride 
  • Had an underground subway connecting the store to parking on the Trinity River
Leonards Museum in Fort Worth

I wish this store and others like it were still open. I just think it's such a neat piece of our history and a wonderful time in our country.

Did you take your kids to see Santa? Do you take them to the mall or smaller places around town?

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  1. We do not do the Santa thing. I don't think we ever will. We're not in to standing in line for a picture worth an arm and a leg. LOL. But that store you got there looks like a gem! I wish there were old time stores around here too. I think it's neat to have kids see something from the past like that. It makes them think about the continuity of life, not just their own's! (Was that too deep? Haha!) Merry Christmas!

  2. We always talked about Santa, but my kids never had their picture made with Santa.


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