A Cowboy's Life: Why Kids Need A Routine

Why Kids Need A Routine

7:37:00 AM

kids need a routine

While I was pregnant with my son I kept getting the same advice – make sure you put them on a schedule. Sure I knew it was important and that I wanted to do that. But I did not understand how important and helpful it was until I was actually a mother.

We have been on basically the same routine since my son was born and I believe this has helped our home be peaceful and happy…Well, most of the time. We do not keep a strict routine, but enough that he knows what to expect and helps the day run smoother. Shopping trips and outside activities are less stressful because I schedule them around our routine – which basically means before or after nap time.

Benefits from being on a schedule:

  • Kids know what is expected of them
  • It teaches them that the world does not revolve around them
  • Less melt downs
  • Children will learn to do activities or chores without constant reminders

Does your family have a daily routine?

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  1. We have also been on a routine since my little one was born and I wouldn't have it any other way!!!

  2. I totally agree. Routine and structure give them a strong foundation where they can feel confident and secure. I like that you write about not being too strict in the routine because it's so important kids also learn flexibility. Great post! Thank you!

  3. I read so much about the "routine" when I first had my son. Now he's 14 and we're getting in new routines every year. Just have to keep up with it and it will for sure make a difference! :)

  4. It is also great preparation for school. As a teacher, so much of our day is a set routine. We have days where we have to be flexible and change the schedule and that is also a great learning experience for the kids.

  5. We have a rough routine, but its not particularly rigid! Thanks for linking up to this weeks #parentingpinitparty

  6. I agree. Kids need structure. Thank you for coming to the Inspire Me Monday Linky party!


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