A Cowboy's Life: Becoming A Morning Person

Becoming A Morning Person

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morning person

I don't really consider myself a morning person. I'm more of an I need to sleep until 10 am and take my time getting up and around kind of person. But let's be honest - I have at least another 10 years until this will ever happen again. Toddlers and sleeping late just DO NOT go together.

Thankfully I don't have one of those kids that are all bright eyed at 5 in the morning! My little guy will sleep until 7:30-8 each morning and then just wants to lie around for about 30 minutes before he is ready to get moving. And although I would prefer to take the mornings easy, I have a thing called a job and it requires me to get there before 10.

But since the time I have become a mom, I truly appreciate that hour of "me time" when I get ready in the morning. My guys are still asleep and it's if I have the house all to myself. Of course I hate when my alarm goes off, but it's nice to know that during the week I have time to get ready without stepping over construction trucks, answering questions, fetching snacks, etc. For that short amount of time I can actually hear myself think! It's truly amazing - you should try it sometime.

I have learned to LOVE the mornings. But there is just one problem. When my son decides to wake early and sit at my feet while I curl my hair all while talking non-stop. Yes it's sweet and loving that he wants to be near me - but man is he messing up my entire morning routine! It makes me a crazy person.

Sure I should love this time and appreciate that he wants to talk to me knowing one day he won't want to do that. But I don't! Mama needs her time and if it means turning into a morning person, then so be it. Please tell me I'm not the only one that feels this way?

How do you squeeze in me time as a mother?
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  1. I drive about 45 minutes to work and back every day. That is my ME time and I love it! Sometimes I listen to the radio, sometimes I just think about things! Its a great break before my 2 jobs... the 'real' job and then the mommy/wife job!! Me time is super important for moms!

  2. What a sweet boy! I'll tell ya - I'm not a morning person AT ALL so I know I'm going to have a rude awakening when kids come along lol!

  3. Stopped by from the Creative Kids link up. I am not a morning person, but my kids are older so we take our time rising and shining. I also homeschool for that reason! However my "me time" is after the kids go to bed - I plug in headphones, read a good book, and take about 30 minutes before joining the hubby.

  4. My me time is usually after my son goes to bed. I do take some me time at the morning too but for prayer and Bible reading, so it's more of God time than me time :) I think the important thing is to take the time when it comes, and to remember that children grow up fast. He won't be walking after you for a long. In no time he'll be a moody tween (like mine) and won't be able to decide if he even wants to be that close to you. I'm really afraid of the teen years already...

  5. I'm so much more productive when I get up early and once I am up, it's no problem at all, but the willpower I need to get out of bed instead of turning around and going back to sleep is insane...

    Thanks for linking up with our Parenting Pin It Party x

    Thanks for linking up with our Parenting Pin It Party x


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