A Cowboy's Life: So This Happened...

So This Happened...

7:45:00 AM

Exciting things are happening...well just a bunch of small wins that add up to a great week.
  1. I finally got around to purchasing my own custom URL.Yay! I also updated all my social media pages so that all the names are the same. I have no idea why I didn't do this from the beginning - rookie blogger mistake. 
  2. This week I switched up workout routine, and man oh man am I feeling it. I typically do group exercise classes, but I just felt like I was not making any progress. So, I skipped out of the classes and hit the weight room. My legs feel like jello and I can barely lift my arms - that my friends is a sign that I made the right decision to shake things up.
  3. My son actually ate healthy food this week! I made him a "chocolate milk shake" that consisted of bananas, blueberries and a dash of cocoa powder and the boy drank it down. I was so proud of myself for finally getting that boy to eat a piece of fruit without bribing him.
Hope you've had a great week!

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  1. Congrats on your custom URL! That's so exciting.

  2. What an exciting week! Maybe I should tell C that the drink is full of fruit:)

    1. Ha, you do that and he will be spending the ENTIRE weekend with aunt lee:)


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