A Cowboy's Life: Summer of Fun Bucket List!

Summer of Fun Bucket List!

5:00:00 AM

Summer Bucket List

How is it that Summer is almost here?! I have always loved summer – the warm air, spending the weekends by the pool and long summer nights. To make the most out of summer, I like to create a list of things we want to do and check them off as we go. So, here is A Cowboy’s Life 2015 Summer of Fun Bucket List!

  • Host a s’mores party for all the cousins
  • Make homemade ice cream
  • Visit the Fort Worth Zoo
  • Go go-cart riding
  • Visit Keller Homestead Farm
  • Visit all of our favorite water parks
  • Go for late night snow cones
  • Go to a carnival
  • Watch a movie at the Drive in theater
  • Check out the cowboys at the Cowtown Rodeo
  • Music in the Park
  • Go on a scavenger hunt
  • Lots and lots of bike riding
  • Picnic in the park
  • Relax and just see what the summer brings!
What is on your summer bucket list? 

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  1. Love your bucket list! We will definitely be doing a lot of the same- especially the water parks and zoo! I can't wait until my kids are old enough to stay up for a movie at the drive-in, it's so much fun! Happy Friday!

  2. Slow down, I'm just now trying to adjust to Spring! I'm not ready to deal with summer and no school lol.

    But this is great, I might copy your idea and create a bucket list for summer myself! I feel like before you know it, summer is over and we got nothing done!

  3. I love drive in theaters! We had one close to my house growing up and it was always such a fun place to go on the weekends.


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