A Cowboy's Life: Summer Hostess Tips

Summer Hostess Tips

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Summer is in full swing and our calendar is filled with swim parties and backyard BBQ's. Even thought our summer events are laid back and very casual, I still need to make sure the house is ready for guests. To make things easier for me I make a list of everything that needs to be cleaned in each room and check them off as I go to keep me organized and to get the house in order quickly. Here are a few simple tips for making your home party ready.

Keep a clean bathroom. This is a high traffic area and I want to make sure it's clean. Fill the hand soap, wash the rugs and switch out the hand towels. And most importantly make sure there is plenty of toilet paper. No one likes asking the host for more toilet paper - awkward! I always have Charmin Toilet Tissue because it's carries ROTO-ROOTER stamp of approval to be clog-free. Charmin is used by more plumber than any other brand and helps keeps our plumbing running smoothly.

Food, food and food. You can never have too much food! Make sure you make plenty of snacks for all your guests, have ice in the cooler, plenty of refreshments and chairs set up so there is a place for everyone to sit and eat.

Be kid friendly. Offer bubbles or other games for the kids to play with outside. If they are entertained, the less whiny they will be and the party will be more fun!

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Are you hosting any parties this summer? What tips do you have to get the house ready?

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  1. Charmin is a staple in our home as well. Love your tips on being kid friendly, that's something I wish more people would follow with summer gatherings!

  2. Have easy prep food ready that way you can enjoy the party too!

  3. These are great hostess tips for when guests are over. One of the things we do to get ready for guests is have lots of easy to prepare and self-serve meals and snacks so they can help themselves.

  4. I agree with keeping plenty of the toilet paper in the bathroom, no one feels comfortable asking for them. Also Charmin is a great brand, my mother uses it and I use it in my house. Great tips thanks for sharing,

  5. I think people stress too much when they entertain. My advice is to dust and vaccuum before and wash the floors after they leave.

  6. Love your tips! We love Charmin TP and have it coming every few months on subscribe and save. And this is random but I LOVE your logo!!

  7. Great tips! Especially about the food. You can NEVER have enough food when you're entertaining! I'd also recommend having plenty of chairs. You don't know how many people may stop by, and the worst is not having anywhere to sit, especially if it's super hot out.

  8. I usually stress way too much and cancel any plans and thoughts to entertain. I am going to keep it simple and just enjoy going forth.

  9. The kid friendly tip is useful. I do have things in the house that kids would love to play with ( video games, board games) but I could provide more in that department. Most of the time the kids bring their own things to play with. I always keep extra everything in the house like they do in hotels. I have extra toothpaste, mouthwash, soap, shampoos, conditioners, deoderant, etc... That way if someone forgot these things they are provided.


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