A Cowboy's Life: You Don't Have Friends!

You Don't Have Friends!

5:00:00 AM

Kids Comedy
This crazy little boy of mine never stops running his mouth. Sometimes I wish he would be quiet for just a few minutes, but then again I wouldn't get to hear all the funny things that he says.

Son: We are best friends, right dad?
Dad: Yes son
Son: We are best friends because you don't have friends! Right dad?

Is today tomorrow?

I'm ready to be 4! I'll be getting bigger and you guys will be shrinking. Plus I'll get to drive the cars.

Even little people can do big things!

He is seriously so funny! What funny things have your kids said lately?

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  1. Izzy is 4 and still says "is today tomorrow"? Some things are just so hard to understand!!

    1. She does?! I hope you are writing down all the cute stuff she says! I've written in that One Line A Day book since C was born.

  2. Hahahaha, this is too funny! I love the conversation with his dad.

  3. Kids say the cutest things! You will definitely miss his cuteness if he keeps quite even for a while.

  4. Such a cutie! I used to be so good at writing down things my kids said, but have slacked off. One of my favorites was when my daughter saw me watching the news. I rarely sit down to watch tv, so she asked, 'Are you pretending to be Daddy?" Ha ha!!!

  5. Kids really do say the darnedest thing. Actually, this is hilarious and made me chuckle out loud. So cute.

  6. Now that is some funny stuff! My kids are adults so I forget how funny and fun kids can be. They certainly keep you entertained.

  7. Oh my what a cutie. He must be a real riot to listen to.

  8. He is really cute and funny and already wants to drive. He needs his own talk show.

  9. Hahahaha you don't have friends. oh goodness.
    My son can't wait to drive, too. He's 3.

  10. LOL! What a cutie! Sounds like he has a gift to make people laugh, a true comedian!

  11. This age is such a sweet time. My son is almost 3 and says the most ridiculous things!

  12. My kids aren't at the stage where they're telling jokes yet, but hearing my little girl agree to something by saying "aye aye, captain Mommy!" cracks me up every time.


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