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Keep Being Awesome

12:45:00 PM

Kids know that they are awesome. Take my 3 year old son for example. I ask him all the time if he knows how cool he is. His typical response is, “yea I know I’m awesome!” 

Young kids know they are great, because we as parents or loved ones constantly tell them and encourage them in whatever they are doing. But somewhere along the way the kids start losing that baby fat and start turning into big kids. And adults seem to slow down on the encouragement. We are not as eager to give praise or listen to stories that do not have an end in sight. Why is that? Shouldn’t we constantly remind kids, no matter the age, how wonderful they are?

It may not be as easy to give praise to older kids or teenagers, but a simple or subtle encouragement can go a long ways. A smile, fist pump, listen to a story or noticing that they are trying is enough to remind them that they matter and indeed are awesome!

How do you encourage your kids to keep being awesome? 

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  1. This made me smile. I had a teacher once tell me she loved the way I always dropped my son off at school and as he got out I would tell him "I love you baby boy and go be awesome". She thought it was so great i always told him to be awesome.

  2. I definitely try to encourage my kids each day. It can make such a huge difference in their self esteem.

  3. I agree teenagers can really get on your nerves. They probably need the encouragement the most

  4. I love this! I have a 6 year old that tells me how beautiful she is. It is so important to keep that self-esteem up as she grows!

  5. I let my kids know how awesome they are all the time. I think they are pretty amazing kids and I know that my support will help them become confident and well-adjusted adults.

  6. Words are powerful and everyone wants to hear a compliment every now and then. I think that as our kids get older we should encourage them more because they are going through a growing transition.

  7. I constantly use positive words and model behavior that I want to see. This was a great reminder that our most precious gifts needs our love and reinforcement.


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