A Cowboy's Life: "let's nap outside bro!" ~ Carson

"let's nap outside bro!" ~ Carson

8:57:00 AM

Guest Post -by Dad - 

Last week Carson and I had a daddy day. I am blessed to get to work from home, and one of the benefits is definitely daddy days. We played all morning, well after dad finally got up and that was right as Carson’s attention span expired on the episode of Mountain Men we were watching. It was a beautiful afternoon and we hunted animals, collected sap from our tree, and mined for gold all within the confines of our backyard and before lunch.  

I would have to say that lunch was certainly one of our favorites….macaroni microwavable cups with chopped up ham and Pik Nik Shoestring Potatoes. After completing lunch, we moved on to our Bible study. I love so much to hear Carson theorize about God, and what God’s character is like. We were getting off our couch, out on the patio heading back inside, when Carson stopped me down to issue what is sure to be one of his classic lines - “Let’s nap outside Bro!”

At first I almost had an involuntary parent response to another one of his hair brained schemes….but I stopped myself, because the boy was onto something. It had already been a perfect morning, why not cap it off with a nap outside. The weather that day was nothing short of spectacular. Seventy five degrees with a little breeze, and the bluest sky.

I awoke around 3:20pm, as the kids got out of school, and stormed through our neighborhood. We only got to take about 1 1/2 nap….but it was the best nap I have ever had. Thanks buddy!

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  1. Aw, what a great idea. He looks so peaceful sleeping outside. I'd love to give that a try...if us moms ever do get a nap.

  2. Napping outside is wonderful! My favourite is when there is a hammock involved :-P
    Glad to see you had a great day!

  3. That's awesome! I love how he called you 'Bro. So funny! Sounds like you guys had a great day...and a great nap.

  4. This sounds like such a wonderful and relaxing thing to do! Great napping weather!

  5. Sounds like you two had a great daddy day. Sounds like you have a pretty neat backyard if you could do all that in it.

  6. I am a bit jealous that you got to take a nap outside! It's only like 40 degrees here.

  7. I'm proud of your hubby for guest posting! It sounds like such a wonderful father/son day. I sure wish our weather was still warm enough to allow for outdoor naps!

  8. How sweet! I'm impressed that a nap outside was even possible. Aww, these are the types of memories that will live on!

  9. Sounds like a great day! One of those that you will definitely appreciate even more as the days go on.

  10. Outdoor naps are the best! It sounds like the Daddy Days are filled with wonderful adventures. I loved Pik Nik shoestring potatoes when I was a kid. I haven't thought of them in years. Now I need to go find some!

  11. What a fun idea! I love that you were so willing to do what he wanted, rather than going with your parental instinct. :)


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