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Drawing Your Emotions

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Anger, fear, joy, sadness. Yep, this basically describes my four year old son. I’m exhausted just thinking about all the crazy emotions we go through within a span of a few minutes sometimes. If this is what preschoolers go through, I can only imagine what parents of teenagers are dealing with. So naturally, as soon as I heard the DVD for InsideOut was available for purchase, I headed to my local Walmart to pick up a copy for my son. I highly recommend you picking up a copy for your family as well.

This adorably funny and touching movie is a great tool for teaching your child about emotions and the repercussions for your actions. I purchased the DVD and the Fear action figure so that Carson can play along while he watches the movie – because sitting quietly is NOT an option!

We have been working with our son on controlling our emotions and letting them get the best of us. Teaching him how taking deep breathers and using your words instead of going from calm to crazy, angry maniac in a matter of seconds. Having the movie as a visual has really made a big impression and seems to help him understand. 

My husband created this fun coloring page that let’s my son draw in the emotions that he is currently feeling. Seriously, how cute is this? Feel free to print it out and let your little ones color in their emotions!

We have been having him color and draw in one of the four emotions that are discussed in the movie. So whenever he is acting in joy, anger, fear or sadness we discuss why he feels that way, how we can make it better and then we get out the markers and draw in that emotions. This coloring sheet is a great learning tool. Plus it seems to give him a sense of control of the situation, while letting him calm down, while still doing a fun activity.

How do you teach your kids about emotions? Have they watched Inside Out yet?                                                                                                              

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  1. What a cute coloring page! I love that kids can draw their own emotions on it. Sometimes it's hard for them to put their emotions into words and helping them figure it out by giving them the tools to do so, helps them so much. #client

  2. We use Inside Out to really help the kids talk about Their feelings. It is important for little ones since they do not always have the right words to say

  3. My kids loved this movie. I bet they would love to color their emotions as well!

  4. We loved this movie. It's definitely on our wish list. My little guy would love those coloring sheets!!

  5. What a fun way to teach kids emotions. I cried both times I watched this movie. Great for parents too

  6. My husband, 17 year old daughter and 23 year old son rented this last night to watch it and they loved it. Learning how to handle our emotions is an important step in growing up.

  7. This is such a great idea, especially for little ones who have a difficult time expressing their feelings. We finally saw Inside Out and loved it (and everyone in our home is an adult), but it's Disney so age doesn't matter.

  8. We are so excited to see this movie! That's a great coloring page, too, and I'm sure it helps so much for kids who can't really express their feelings yet.

  9. This is great! I've been trying to work with my 3-year old on controlling her emotions as well. I'm going to try this worksheet!

  10. Okay, this is just brilliant!! I have a very emotional three year old. VERY emotional. :) Thanks for sharing!


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