A Cowboy's Life: Funny Things I've Learned My 1st Year Teaching

Funny Things I've Learned My 1st Year Teaching

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I feel like I can finally come up for air after a busy, exhausting and exciting last few months. Having a week off to celebrate Thanksgiving and regroup has been wonderful. As much as I have been enjoying my first year of teaching, I am enjoying this short break to gather myself and plan for the next couple of weeks. The last 3 months I have been going non-stop with lots of late night school work, training and studying. So much to be done the first year!

It's funny how I assumed I would be teaching the kids and not realizing how much they have taught me. Here are a few things I have learned from junior high kids:

Social Media - Facebook is only for old people and you are totally gross if you are on it. Kik and Snapchat is where it's at - although they don't really understand that what you put on the internet is there forever.

Expanded Vocabulary - I am learning new words and phrases to use in my vocabulary on a daily basis. Using savage, thirsty, shots fired and see what happened was needs to be spoken at least 10 times a day in order for your day to complete.

Clothes - Hammer pants are back! Except now they are called joggers and the kids don't have a clue who M.C. Hammer is. Also, every Nike shoe that was popular from 1990-1999 are back in style - and again the kids think they are brand new styles.

Punishment - As a technology teacher, we obviously are on the computers constantly in my class. So naturally I needed to come up with a punishment for my classes that do not always follow protocol or searching unapproved sites. So, threatening students with playing Counting Crows, Live, Nirvana or Garth Brooks through every computer speaker is worse than any corporal punishment. Or take up their phone...if you want WWIII.

What are funny or crazy things that teenagers have taught you? If you are a teacher, what did the kids teach you during your 1st year?

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  1. I have noticed that Facebook isn't being used much by middle and high school kids. For us, it is all about Instagram.

  2. I have a 13-year-old niece who's more of an Instagram kind of gal but I'm sure she's on Kik and Snapchat too, lol! I still can't believe those hammer pants are back! They looked silly then and they look even sillier now. Looks like you have learned a lot from these kids so far!

  3. All my 15-18 year old nieces and nephews are Instagrammers, and the 20-25 seem to be more twitter and snapchat. I don't blame them really, Facebook is a very odd place. And SHOCK, how can nirvana be a punishment?! Kids these day…

  4. My first year was 1998. I remember one little girl asking me why I had not turned on the air conditioning on such a hot September day. It was a sad day when I had to tell her that school did not have air conditioning. The things kids say.

  5. Oh my this is funny to read! I can't believe that Hammer pants are back in style LOL!

  6. Love this! When my daughter was a teen, I took away her phone as a punishment. She swore that she "would die" without it! Let's just say it was a very long 2 weeks.

    Those darn youngins' can have their snapchat. I'm sticking to Facebook where the old people are, lol.


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