A Cowboy's Life: Musings of a 4 Year Old

Musings of a 4 Year Old

1:28:00 PM

We all know that kids say crazy, funny and ridiculous sayings. But somehow my son has a knack for saying things with such authority and conviction that it somehow makes complete sense.

Here are a few of the funny sayings from my favorite four year old:
  • My brain will get me out of this, man!
  • You are not going to believe your eyeballs bro!
  • There is one tiny problem – actually it’s a big complication!
  • I don't touch another man's things!
  • I just let one rip! (Yep, he's talking about a fart)
  • The party can't get started until the adults leave - you adults have to get out of here!
  • I'm going to be comfy as all get out.
  • They really out did themselves this year.
Do you keep a record of the funny things your kids say? Don't they always keep you on your toes?!

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  1. A big complication LOL That's pretty durn good for a 4-year-old LOL

  2. I love the eyeballs thing. I may use that sometime :)

  3. He is just too, too cute! Kids say the funniest things :)

  4. He is hysterical! Some of these things are so beyond his years, which of course makes them even funnier.

  5. What a cutie. These are all so funny and I am sure even funnier when you hear them in person from a 4 year old!

  6. Boys LOVE to talk about their bodily functions! he would probably LOVE one of those fart guns! :)


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