A Cowboy's Life: A Southern New Year's Tradition

A Southern New Year's Tradition

11:15:00 AM

I’m just going to be honest – I do not want to be poor! And since it’s a southern tradition and a darn good side dish, my family and I will be chowing down on black eyed peas this New Year’s day. They are meant to bring you luck and wealth, so obviously I will not break the tradition.

This tradition dates back to the Civil War as Union soldiers swept through the fields and took all the crops and livestock only to leave the peas and greens thinking they were fit for animal feed. The peas are what kept families from starvation during the war and the tradition of eating them on the New Year was born.

It’s said that you should eat 365, but who’s going to count each one? We simply pass the bowl around the table so we can all get a whopping helping. Cheers to you and your family as we start a new beginning!

What New Year’s traditions do you partake in?

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  1. I keep hearing about that tradition and wondered how and why it began. Thank you for explaining it. I don't follow any traditions on New Years but maybe I should start following this one.

  2. My daughter and I read about this tradition in some New Year's books this week. Very fascinating (and tasty) tradition!

  3. What is your recipe that you use or just like boiled?

  4. Fresh picked black-eyed peas are the best. Boil them with salt, black pepper, jalapeno, onion, garlic and bacon. Yum, Yum!


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