A Cowboy's Life: How I Get My Son To Nap

How I Get My Son To Nap

5:00:00 AM

Four might be my favorite age so far. My son is starting to be more independent and has been playing by himself for LONG periods of time - talk about a life saver at times! But with him getting older he has decided he doesn't always want to take a nap. Of course I am not happy about that.
The only way to really make sure he naps is if he gets all that energy out before he lays down. So the other day it was almost 80 degrees and I jumped at the opportunity to enjoy the sunshine and get that boy moving. We packed sandwiches and headed over to Eagle Mountain Park. They have several hiking trails and beautiful views that are perfect for picnicking. 

I am happy to report that I wore that boy out and we both got a nap! 

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  1. That's definitely a fool-proof way to get a kid to nap, and it has the added bonus of being fun, too!


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