A Cowboy's Life: Parenting Fails

Parenting Fails

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I am not a perfect parent. I try my hardest, but like everyone I have my flaws. I've read all the books, try to be a doting mother, give lots of kisses and roll with the punches. But even with that I have certainly have made a few major fails as a parent.

Here are my top parenting fails:

Dropping son off a recliner. I am happy to report this was Chad and not me! He was always a horrible sleeper, and at about 6 months Chad was holding Carson, he fell asleep and somehow dropped him. No worries, he seems relatively normal.

Hitting his head on the doorway. This was my biggest fear! As a newborn, I was always so careful about turning the corner in the hallway and not bonking his head. But one day I got careless and BAM! Whacked him so hard. Again, he seems ok.

Forgetting shoes. Somedays it seems like it takes all of your energy to get out of the house! We were rushing to get dressed and into the car, that we somehow forgot to put shoes on little man. When we pulled into the restaurant parking lot, Carson asked if we would carry him since he didn't have shoes. I am still embarrassed that I am "that" parent.

Forget to buckle carseat. Again, rushing to get somewhere, we pull out into the street and little man says, "um, you forgot to buckle me!" Seriously, what is wrong with us? Please tell me this happens to other people?!

What are your most memorable parenting fails?

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  1. I think we've all whacked our baby's head at some point or other...I definitely don't think it counts as a parenting fail. ;)


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