A Cowboy's Life: World's Best Hot Dogs

World's Best Hot Dogs

10:39:00 AM

I finally found the solution on how to make the world’s best hot dogs! Here is what you will need:

Beautiful weather
Fire pit
Cousins and other family members
Lighter fluid
Hot Dogs and Buns
Place wood in the fire pit, pour lighter fluid on the wood (I find that more is always better), and strike a match. Once you have the flames going, let all the kids roast their hot dogs. Seeing the joy on their faces as they cook the food is priceless.
There is something special about eating outside around a fire. The kids had a blast and grilled hot dogs can’t be beat! We loaded up ours with all the fixings and then for dessert we had s’mores. It made for the perfect Spring evening.

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  1. Oh my goodness! I just smiled at his little cowboy outfit! Too cute!

  2. Yum. We love hot dogs in our house.

    They are way too cute! would love to be able to eat outside by the fire right now, how fun! That cowboy sure is adorable! - Jeanine

  3. We finally had nice weather yesterday and smoked some beef brisket but the kids had hot dogs! I swear they devour them off the grill plus they had friends over as well! Looks like a great night for you guys!

  4. I love hot dogs but only steamed or boiled. No other way.

  5. Hot dogs are on our list for meals this week! Love this!

  6. I didn't realised that there is a best hotdog in the world, it's fantastic for sure and delicious.

  7. I'm missing one key component - the weather! Ugh, April 5th and snow on the ground here in MA! Yuck. We have a fire pit but I never thought to cook our hot dogs there. I think we'll do it this summer - the kids would enjoy it I'm sure.

  8. Okay, the most adorable children and the cowboy melted my heart. I love the idea of using the fire pit to roast the hot dogs. Wonderful!

  9. I agree, grilled hot dogs are the best.

  10. I think hot dogs taste better on the grill anyhow. This whole thing sounds yummy!

  11. That is my absolute fave way of having a hot dog! :) My aunt would do this neat trick for us as kids. She would slice up each end of the dog into four dangly bits on each side, and when cooked over the fire pit, the ends would curl. She called them spider-dogs... Good times. :)


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