A Cowboy's Life: Oh, To Be Four Again!

Oh, To Be Four Again!

9:48:00 AM

This kid of mine, what can I say? Not only is he the funniest kid I know, but always keeps me on my toes.

Here are a few of the funny things he has said lately:
  • I have a feeling Heaven is going to have Nike shoes. But only they will be golden!
  • If I don't grow I won't ever get a real job. I have to get bigger for college.
  • Boys ideas are better. Girls don't know what they are talking about!
  • Let me ask you about a bomb. (I was a little worried about this one...)
  • You know what I don't like about school? The learning part!
  • Mom! You are cracking me to nuts.
Do you keep a journal of things your kids say? I am so thankfully that I have written these little nuggets down - so fun to look back at and see what he had been up to the previous years.

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