A Cowboy's Life: Summer Fun

Summer Fun

5:00:00 AM

Summer is finally here! I asked Carson to make a list of all the things he wants to do this summer. Surprisingly, it’s not that long. Here is our family summer of fun bucket list:

  • Camp in the backyard 
  • Build a cabin (we made a compromise and settled on wood working kits!) 
  • Storytime at the library 
  • Visit all the local splash pads 
  • Swimming 
  • Visit museums 
  • Watch a movie at the drive in theater 
  • Picnic in the park 
  • Fishing 
This is a do-able list for sure! I am one that likes to keep my little guy busy and active, so I’m sure we find plenty more things we can do to enjoy the most out of summer.

What is on your summer bucket list?

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  1. Our summer bucket list includes having a water balloon fight, going to a waterpark, fishing, visiting a new state, and some arts and crafts projects. They also want to see a bunch of movies!!!

  2. He picked some great activities! I hope you guys have a ton of fun doing them all!

  3. Most of your ideas are on our list. We'll also plan a vacation and staycation or two.

  4. These are great summer bucket list ideas! Love them all!

  5. My list is not near as exciting:( It does include watching my kids play baseball and basketball. We also have plans for some movie nights. He would love the drive in

  6. My son's summer list includes fishing as well. He wants to go fishing every day!

  7. Now that sounds like a good summer! Oh to be a kid again!

  8. What a fun list. I always forget about drive in movies, adding that to our bucket list too.

  9. What a great list! I haven't done backyard camping, I will buy a tent and do some backyard camping with my hubby and son. Such a great idea!

  10. Well my dear you have your work cut out for you this summer. Good luck!


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