A Cowboy's Life: Things I Regret

Things I Regret

5:00:00 AM

It has been and fun, busy and overall good week for us. We have been preparing for vacation and the excitement of that has had Carson on overdrive. With all the craziness and running around that is involved before heading out of town, I realized I had several regrets that happened this week.

  1. Packing - Why did I agree to let my 4 year old "help" with packing. He loaded up his little suitcase with a head lamp, raccoon hat, sling shot and hunting face paint. Apparently he deemed all of this necessary for a trip to the dessert.
  2. Legos - While going up on down every aisle of Michaels, I found a box of 240 Legos (well generic) on clearance for $7. For some reason I thought my child needed it, he could play in room for hours. WRONG! Putting that thing together is pure torture and he didn't help because the pieces are so small. I am making a mental note not to ever buy that again.
  3. Sonic - My addiction to Sonic Happy Hour has been passed down to my son. Everyday about 3 he says, "I really need a Dr. Pepper from Sonic!" Having that extra voice asking isn't helping me cut out sodas.
Ok, so maybe these are only 1st world problems but when dealing with a crazy four year old. They are BIG regrets.

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  1. His aunt and cousins may have also contributed to the Sonic habit:)


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