A Cowboy's Life: My Trip to Magnolia Market

My Trip to Magnolia Market

5:00:00 AM

My sister and I recently took a day trip down to Waco to shop at Magnolia Market. It was as wonderful as you would think. I had visited the store before they moved to the silos and this was a thousand times better.

As you first walk onto the property, there is an employee standing at the entrance sign willing to take photos with your camera. Genius! We then headed into the store to shop our hearts out. Oh man, I wanted to purchase everything - it’s all so cute. But since I didn’t have an unlimited budget, I settled on a wooden horse bust, I Love Us framed sign and Texas Forever t-shirt.
The day we went was about 100 degrees and inside the store was about 85 (not kidding). So if you visit during the summer be prepared to sweat. They did have fans and air conditioning going, but it was no match against the heat and doors being opened. But don’t worry, you can cool down outside under the shade tents with misters.

Of course before we left, we stopped at the bakery to pick up cookies and cupcakes. I’m a little sad that I only bought one cupcake - they are seriously good! Rookie mistake. Next time I will make sure to buy extras to bring home. I

I’m already saving up money so I can go shop before Christmas in hopes that they have cute, festive decor. Well done Chip & Jo, well done!

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