A Cowboy's Life: A Beautiful Ride

A Beautiful Ride

5:00:00 AM

I think my most favorite activity that we took part in during our trip to Colorado this summer was taking Carson on a 2 hour trail ride. On our last day in Steamboat Springs we headed up the mountain to Saddleback Ranch to take a ride on the 8,000 acre cattle ranch.

The ranch was absolutely gorgeous. At one point we were at the very top of the mountain which overlooked the entire property and it was breathtaking. The fresh air, beautiful horses and amazing scenery made it the most wonderful experience.
Everyone on the trail ride probably expected to have a nice quiet ride. Which I then had to apologize and warn them that Carson is never short on words and expect to him chatter the ENTIRE time. He did.

This was our first ride together, but I think we will have to do this more often. It was so much fun and joy to get to do his favorite activity with him, not just watching.

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