A Cowboy's Life: Mountain Adventures

Mountain Adventures

6:00:00 AM

I am still going through all the pictures from our Colorado vacations. Is there such a thing as taking too many photos? I don’t think so, but it is taking me awhile to sift through them all and decide which ones I want printed for albums and ones that will go in frames. It’s also making me wish we were back in the mountains.
We did everything from hikes, tubing the river, mining for gold, road an alpine slide, shopping, went to the rodeo and long drives at night in search for animals. It was wonderful I tell you. We enjoyed it all, but having to wear a light sweater in the evening was glorious. It’s something this Texas girl doesn’t get to do until late October.

Carson keeps asking when we will plan our next trip back to Steamboat Springs. We have had a full year of traveling & adventures and I think this little guy has wanderlust in him!

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  1. Beautiful photos! It looks like you had a fun trip. I've never been to Colorado but I like the sound of all the outdoor activities you were able to do!

  2. Looks like you all had a fabulous time! I love the photos. My problem is I can't ever choose the photos so they all sit on my computer. I need to start getting them printed!

  3. What awesome pictures. It looks like you and your family had an amazing time!

  4. Wow, sounds like you had a true mountain adventure. And it sure sounds like fun!

  5. What beautiful scenery! I wish that I lived near somewhere like this.

  6. Oh how utterly wonderful! That picture floating down the river in a tube brought me back to my own rural Canadian childhood and doing the same. Such a gorgeous place to visit, I can see why you long to return!

  7. Wow.. Sounds like you had a great time with family! All the photos you shared are incredible! Love Colorado!


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